Digital Marketing

A digital strategy for any business is imperative to thrive in this competitive world. With the growing importance of digital presence, implementing the right strategies will give you a competitive edge and help you achieve digital success. Here at Teleporter Tank, we have all the tools, experience and expertise to create a strong digital marketing campaign that will take your business to a great altitude.

We schedule a meeting with you to discuss your business goals, objectives, marketing needs, current marketing activities and budget. We look into your industry trends, opportunities, keywords, competitor activities, target audience and much more that give us a detailed picture of your marketing requirements. This will also give us insights on how to establish a strong digital presence of your business.

We put together the information gathered and devise an influential digital marketing strategy that will drive your business forward and help you reach out your target audience. Our expert team executes the marketing plan to the highest standard and constantly reviews performance.

Our Digital Marketing Services Include:

Content Marketing:

Content is ranked as the prominent factor when it comes to achieving digital marketing success. Whether it is a website content, press release, blog or social media content, it is important to maintain the highest quality to capture the attention of search engines and your audience.

At Teleporter Tank, we have a team of expert writers who can produce engaging, creative and readable contents that compliment your business objectives. By researching into your business, we write purposeful, relevant contents of high standards, whilst strictly adhering to your guidelines.

Our writers take a conscientious approach in optimizing the contents for search engine algorithms. We conduct keyword research to choose the vital key phrases and create engaging contents that better correlates with your business.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media is one of the most powerful tools and has the potential to break or make a business. It has the ability to broadcast your message to millions of customers across the globe in no time. Social media marketing is a huge driving force that can ensure your business growth and help managing your customer’s viewpoint.

At Teleporter Tank, we use the power of social media to get people talking about and interested in your business. We conduct a thorough research of your industry and understand the online activities of your target audience. Our talented professionals generate ideas for the social activity of your business and maximize your assets on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so forth.

We also have dedicated designers and passionate writers who make great social graphics and create engaging contents for your chosen platforms. We will plan every detail of your social activity to meet the objectives of your business. Our experts will review the performance of your social media marketing campaign and take required steps to help you reach out more potential customers.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build customer loyalty, share exclusive offers, mock a new product launch and much more. At Teleporter Tank, we have a comprehensive understanding of this marketing method and make an attentive approach to reap its maximum potential.

From the creation of data, template designs, engaging content and managing mailing list to monitoring the campaign, we handle everything to make your email marketing campaign successful. Our team of designers, copy writers and data analysts work together to create an email campaign that best suits your marketing needs. With our meticulous analysis, your marketing efforts will generate productive results.

Pay Per Click:

Pay per Click has the power to propel your business to the next level in a short span of time, and thus remains at the forefront of digital marketing. Here at Teleporter Tank, we work tirelessly to give your brands maximum exposure in the digital world at the optimal price. Our PPC experts go that extra mile to ensure that you reach out your target audience and gain a cutting edge over your competitors.

We learn the online activities of your customers and produce a high converting campaign with traffic driving keywords and effective ads. We consistently monitor the campaign and optimize it for keyword relevance and positive keyword impact.

Intense research, detailed planning and a big dose of creativity enables us to create a dynamic digital strategy that will drive customers, sales and revenue. If you are expecting unparalleled, tangible results, speak to one of our digital marketing experts today! Let us develop creative & strategic digital marketing campaigns that surpass your expectation!